Main Bathroom- First version

Hello Vicky and Frank,

I have completed the first version of the remodeling of the main bathroom. I followed your suggestions and preferences, keeping in mind that the final goal is the sale of the house but also a nice bathroom for you to enjoy in the months to come.  

Main bathroom remodeling 3D rendering

All of the elements are very neutral and also very much in line with the style of the house.

Mosaic tiles for the shower pan as per your request, and matching 12×24 travertine tiles.

The flooring is made of vinyl with the texture and the look of real wood. The tub is the same, but the vanity is new as well as the two mirrors. 

I’ve used oil-rubbed bronze for all the metal elements. I’ve also added a niche for personal products. I used the same 12×24 tiles, but the mosaic tiles would look nice as well.

We have used SW 7036 Accessible Beige for this rendering.

Main bathroom- Second version

Here’s the second version according to your notes. 

What we have changed:

The color of the vanity and the mirrors is now espresso. 

We have placed a towel hook at the right of the mirror. The same thing will be done at the left of the mirror. In this case hooks are better than rings because they take less room. As for the shower, you can place the same hook on that short section right outside the shower on the right (that part is not visible in the rendering).

We have also added white floor mats (when it comes to show the house to potential buyers make sure to store them).

We have also changed the floor using the vinyl you sent as a sample. As I was mentioning, when it comes to pick the material make sure to compare the tiles for the shower with the vinyl for the floor side by side to make sure they don’t compete. I would also recommend to run some numbers or ask your contractor to see how much more expensive it would be to install the same tiles on the floor (recommended). If you leave the (new) carpet in the walk-in closet, you would reduce the square footage for the tile installation and save some money. Master bathrooms are an important selling point, it could be worth the investment.

Main bathroom- Third version

Guest Bathroom- First version

For the guest bathroom, I have tried to work with the gray tiles to keep costs down. 

Since the border is gray, I thought that if we use vinyl flooring that looks like marble, the color would tie in.

By using a simple white vanity you would get a timeless and fresh look. 

The color on the wall is still SW 7036 Accessible Beige, and also in this case the metal elements are oil-rubbed bronze.

Guest bathroom- Second version

Here’s the second version according to your notes. 

What we have changed:

We replaced the gray tiles with black ones.

We replaced the floor with a classic black and white diamond design (still vinyl).

We replaced the vanity and the light fixture with the samples you suggested.

We added a white bath mat in front of the tub, even though I would place it on the floor only when needed. You can add also one in front of the vanity (not visible in the rendering). If this is a bathroom that you don’t use often, probably a bath mat is not even necessary.

We changed the color of the shower rod to oil-rubbed bronze.