Exterior renders


For the basement, I have designed a multipurpose family room that includes an area for entertainment and one for study. This last one can accommodate up to two desks, while the sectional can easily accommodate a family of six.

By building a wall around the columns, all of them will be hidden except for one. The furnace and pipes can be accessed either through the barn door or the opening near the garage door. 

Please, keep in mind that since I didn’t have a floor plan to use as a reference, there surely are some inaccuracies as far as dimensions. Nevertheless, the design is still applicable to this space as far as the concept.

Here’s the top view of the layout:

Laundry Room

In the laundry room, I have kept the water heater in the same position as well as the electrical panel which is hidden behind the picture on the right.

I used a very neutral color scheme with some pops of color and I tried to reproduce the color of the sink that has already been installed.