Kitchen and Bar- renders

Third version

In the third version, I have added a wood countertop for the bar and the island. SW Evergreen Fog is now used for the island and the L shape cabinets (including the toe-kick), while the bar is SW Pure White. 

The countertop of the L-shaped cabinets is cream-brown marble or quartz that coordinates well with the ivory tiles.  Below is a concept board where you can see the elements in detail.

Second version

In the second version, we still have SW Evergreen Fog for the island and the bar, but this time the rest of the cabinets are painted a brighter white, SW Pure White, which can be used for the molding and baseboard too.

All the countertops are white quartz because the color is added to the backsplash tiles. I have selected the shape that you guys like with a sage green color to tie in with the color of the bottom cabinets.

First version

This is the first version with our custom colors: SW Evergreen Fog for the island and the bar and SW Alabaster for the rest.

The island and the bar have Khalo Stonika by Dekton while the rest is a simple white quartz.

The backsplash is made of white oversized subway tiles. 

Kitchen and Bar- tile replacement

Here are the images showcasing the tiles rendered within each respective space. Please note that the color of the tiles in the rendering may vary slightly from the actual product due to differences in lighting, screen calibration, and other factors.



Both areas- White Beam

Tiles chosen


Crayon  3×12 Elongated Hex IVORY (for the kitchen)

Crayon 3×12 Elongated Hex TAUPE (for the bar)

Powder Room

Dekton Khalo Stonika by Cosentino

Make sure you can check the slab before installation. As you can see there are many variations in the pattern. You want to make sure you get the area that you like. Also, make sure you can buy only that part. Many stores have remnants so you don’t need to buy the whole slab.

Front Room

Hello! I’ve made the requested revisions to the design: the niche is now white, and the L-shaped sofa has been updated to a lighter color. Additionally, I’ve incorporated pops of color through the accessories—such as pillows, rug, and decorative items on the shelves—to showcase the potential for enhancing the space.

In this version, I’m also proposing a new concept: constructing a low wall in the foyer area to delineate the space and provide a backdrop for the sofa. This approach allows the foyer to maintain its openness while adding an element of coziness to the family room—all without sacrificing the natural flow or light within the space.

Option 1: Traditional

The first design option offers a traditional fireplace for the niche and it creates a clean, classic look. The fireplace is positioned below a designated area where you can display art or decorative items. The fireplace itself is slightly smaller than the niche width for a more balanced layout. I’ve added wall sections above and to the sides. 

To complement this layout, I’ve selected a set of four identical chairs, arranged in a circle around a central coffee table. This furniture arrangement encourages conversation and relaxation while providing an inviting view of the fireplace. 

Option 2: Modern

The second option features a modern fireplace with a minimalist design and clean lines. The entire niche is filled and painted white, creating a clean and contrasting look against the brown walls of the room. The white fireplace provides a sleek and contemporary focal point for the space. 

For seating, I’ve chosen an L-shaped sofa to enhance the casual and relaxed atmosphere of the room. The sofa’s layout is versatile and ideal for both entertaining guests and spending quiet time by the fire. Overall, this design option offers a more practical and modern approach.

I have also added curtains to the design to demonstrate how they would enhance the overall look and ambiance of the room.

Option 3: Open Niche

The third design option leaves the niche open. Above the fireplace, I’ve installed a set of shelves that offer both functionality and visual interest, providing an ideal space for displaying decor and personal items. The fireplace itself boasts a modern design, characterized by clean lines and a minimalist style. However, we’ve added a touch of tradition to the overall look by incorporating wallpaper inside the niche. The wallpaper adds texture and character to the space, providing a harmonious balance between modern and traditional elements. 

Complementing the design, the furniture arrangement embraces a more classic approach, with a comfortable sofa positioned along the window and two chairs placed opposite the sofa, creating an inviting seating area for conversation and relaxation.

As you can see, in addition to the design options for the fireplace, I’ve also developed three distinct design concepts for the entryway of the home, being the two areas connected.