Hello J and J,

Here’s the first version of the bonus room. First, the floor plan:

Floor plan mother-in-law suite

I’ve eliminated one of the 2 closets and I’ve added the bed into that niche to keep the bedroom area separated from the living room area and the kitchen. Jerilyn was mentioning a desk, which I have added within the bedroom area. 

As you can see I have added a room divider to better define the two areas. This is obviously optional, but I think it would be a nice decoration to break out the symmetry of the furniture against the long wall and add interest.

The other half of the room contains the living area. I was able to fit all the furniture. I used stools for the dining table to save on space.

The kitchen is small and has everything that Jerilyn listed. Have a look and let me know if the measurements look fine to you. The long sides of the kitchen cabinets are 5ft x 7’6″. If you want, I can make the longest side shorter, to give more room to the table. I also placed the microwave on the upper cabinet to free some counter space. 

You already know the issue with the bathroom. This shower is 4’7″x2’8″. I think it looks very nice and it fits the space better compared to a square shower.

These are the renders, starting with the bedroom:

Bedroom area

Bonus bedroom 1
Bonus bedroom 2
Bonus bedroom 3
Mother-in-law suite

I was thinking that we can also add nice wallpaper on this wall, what do you think?

Or this one by Joanna Gaines (the Home Depot)

Living room area

Bonus living 3
Bonus living 2


Bonus kitchen


Bonus bathroom
Bonus bathroom 3

As you can see I got you some pizza and popcorn 😊.

Let me know what you think and what revisions you’d like me to make!


Option 1: table in the middle

Option 2: table on the side

Option 3: table perpendicular to the wall

View towards the TV


First option: sofa and love seat

Second option: sofa and red chair