Art selection

The dimensions of the art are 46″ x 30″ for the Thomas Kincaid picture and 60″ x 40″ for the mountain images.

I have used the rug you have to provide a more accurate visual representation of the final appearance. Additionally, I’ve selected some burnt orange and beige throw pillows that complement the rug’s color palette, and I’ve adjusted the curtain color to align with your existing decor.

I still believe that placing a tall plant in the corner would enhance the room’s balance. Regarding the coffee table, it appears too small for the living room, although I understand its sentimental value to Glen. Perhaps there is another room where it could be used and still cherished?

I hope that these images will offer you a clear vision of how each landscape would enhance the appearance of the living room.

Mount Rainier

Federa Lake- Dolomites

Mount McKinley

South Tyrol- Dolomites

First Version

Living Room

In this version of the new layout for the living room, I have grouped the sofa and the loveseat in the same area for balance and consistency. I know Glen likes to watch TV while eating, for this reason I have added a tray table that easily slides under the loveseat and whose top serves as a tray for comfortable eating.

I have replaced the rug with a bigger one with neutral tones and a floral/leaf motive. A Persian rug, pretty much similar to the one you have, would work as well, but is has to be larger than the current one (ideally 8′ x 10′).

Olive green is the accent color that I think would look nice with the existing colors of the floor, the walls and the couches. Olive green is found in the curtains and the pillows. I have added some nice bamboo shades to the windows for decoration but also to block the light. If you prefer not to use them, only the curtains would work just fine. 

I have kept Glen’s family clock and the coffee table as per your request, even though I would consider a bigger coffee table for this space.

I have replaced the loveseat with two comfortable chairs and kept Tatiana’s Tiffany lamp in the same position. I think that two chairs would make the living room lighter, and it would create a nice reading or conversation area. I have used burgundy red for the chairs as discussed during our consultations, however, if Glen prefers them to be taupe, that would work as well.

As for the art, as mentioned, that is very personal. I have placed some placeholders just to give you an idea of how it would be to have a big picture above the loveseat and a group of pictures above the sofa. I think that once you have decided on/purchased the wall art that you prefer, we can find a way to make it work. 

Based on the measurements, the loveseat fits perfectly along that wall without overlapping with the sofa. I think that a square side table with a lamp would look great in the corner. We can use one of the other small side tables that you have on the opposite side of the couch.

As for the built-in near the French doors, you can cover it with a runner and simply set some decor on top of it. This could be a plant, silk flowers, books, candles, etc.

Dining Nook

I have kept the dining nook very simple. Just a round table, 4 chairs and a rug. I have also replaced the valances with the curtains/bamboo shades with the same color and styles to tied them in with the living room.

Second Version

Living Room

In this version I have made the changes according to your feedback, more precisely:

  • I have eliminated the green as an accent color and have replaced it with red, taupe, burnt orange, and taupe.
  • The curtains have a floral motive as well as the pillows on the sofas.
  • I have changed the rug to one similar to the one you have and with the colors you have indicated.
  • I have used a bigger coffee table.

(As per my email) There are many tray tables made for eating on the couch (example from West Elm). You can also get an adjustable one. When not in use, you can slide it under the couch on the armrest side.

The Alaska painting is part of the three picture group I have placed on the north wall. So, the goal is to find two more pictures that would go with it as far as size and subject. One big painting would go behind the loveseat. As for the fabric wall hanging, its long and narrow size requires a long and narrow wall. One option could be hanging it on the wall on the left of the French doors or on one of the walls in the dining area. I would recommend using only regular art with regular frames in the sitting area.

Here I have replaced the red chairs with some taupe ones similar to the Ikea ones, and I have made the side table bigger. I have also placed a small mat in front of the French doors.

Dining Nook

Here I have replaced the round rug with a square one while in the corner I have added the small table with a flower vase. The reason why the rug has a different shape is because this way it gets closer to the area where you wanted to place a small mat. I tried to add it to the design with the round rug but they were overlapping and it didn’t look nice.

Third Version

This version is about finding the right color for the curtains. Here there are 7 options based on your taste.







Multi-color (stripes)

SW Arresting Auburn