Staging an occupied home during the pandemic

Not even two years have passed since I decided to leave behind my more than ten-year career as a traditional home stager to start working as a virtual home stager. Despite my departure from the world of traditional staging, I still try to keep in touch with my former colleagues. A few days ago, talking […]

Bathroom design for a couple with completely different tastes

Recently Richard contacted me because he wanted to remodel his master bathroom. Richard is a very good friend of mine. We met about 10 years ago. He used to be a real estate agent and one day he called me because he needed my help to stage one of his listings. Richard is a very […]

Lights on or off? (Real estate photos)

I recently read many articles about the dilemma of light temperature in real estate photography. For light temperature I mean the different color of light emitted by fixtures such as table lamps, sconces, chandeliers, etc. I’m sure you have heard about warm white, soft white, cool white and daylight bulbs… The real estate photographer’s approach […]

Virtual remodeling of an attic

Say your house has an unfinished attic like this one. Now, say you want to turn it into a funky media room but your significant other prefers to turn it into an office. Today, with the new digital technology you can visualize both projects before making a final decision. Being able to see your design […]

Using digital technology to “play around” with layered rugs

Concept board of a pink and beige office

It looks like the layered rug trend is here to stay. And for a good reason since it’s a creative but also practical way to pull a room together. It’s creative because it’s a way of mixing different patterns and textures that still work well together. It’s practical because it solves some design problems related […]

Traditional staging versus virtual staging

Virtual staging of a family room

Home staging is no longer a new term in the real estate field. Everyone knows what it is. Used for years now, traditional home staging still continues to help selling houses faster and for more money. Traditional staging is the art of transforming a room (or an entire property) thanks to the use of furniture, […]